The Stellar Nights

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stretching over my head in the eternity,
Seems as if up above there, is a world of tranquility,
Keeping some incognito secret,
Why do they don’t tell, why stellar nights regret?

A million questions and a million answers,
Still I don’t know why my heart ponders???
I trawl all my mystery pages,
To unlock secrets of stellar nights, that has been peculiar since ages…

The out of the-earth beauty of clusters mesmerizes me,
And I enjoy them up to my glee,
Stars and planets studded in the sky,
Let’s unravel stellar nights, give it a try…

This is disgracefully graceful one,
And we seem to be uninterestingly interested in it,
An unsolved solved mystery,
Oh! My Stellar Nights!!!

About the poem-
Perhaps, the poem has all reasons to become my favorite one. I think it brings out my craziness, inquisitiveness and madness for astronomy. From ages since, man has tried to solve the mysteries of cosmos and the quest is still continuing. Looking to the other aspect, I feel the night sky to be the most beautiful thing in the universe. Perhaps, space has got many unrevealed things entrapped in it.
We still try to know the basics of fundamentals of universe. I don’t when we will get it….
- Vaibhav Varun


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