Back to School

Monday, October 11, 2010

For days which I enjoyed the most,
Just came to an end,
The sizzling joys of summer,
Just became cool,
And we are back to school, back to school!!!

I was free during the holidays,
And enjoyed it in many ways,
For the strokes of bat and kicks of ball,
I have to leave them all, for in the morning my mamma calls,
Back to school, back to school!!!

For the whole day, I was in a muzzy mood,
And you know I am a cool dude,
The joys of the days,
And the true craze,
Forget them all, Back to school, Back to school!!!

These days are now a forgotten history,
And we are now indulged in Math and Chemistry,
For it feels very weird,
All my joys are teared,
I just have to say that now we are,
Back to school, Back to School!!!

About the poem-
The poem expresses the feeling which children often feel after the summer vacation. A student’s best parts of the academic year are the summer vacations.
But after the summer vacation gets over, things dramatically change. Again the practical times repeat themselves.
- Vaibhav Varun<


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